the love of a family...

You never really know a person until you step into their shoes. Through all the adversities the day can throw at you, you can rely on family to cheer you up. Such in the case of my friend Jen. Long hours at work in not the best conditions and she still managed to raise such great kids.

Heres to you Jen!



Veterans Day..

Today is a day to remember the men and women that gave so much for this country. I sat down and realized that the people I work with everyday do the same, not to the extent of country but community.. err it still starts with the letter "C" good enough!




After being out of the loop for so long. Xuan has brought us LIVE at photologystudios.com! check it out! Consider it Ver. 1.0. Exciting times, fall is here and winter is around the corner. It's time for us to expand our artistic horizon and try some cool shots. Check back with and throw us some feedback!