One family, three cameras and a whole lot of fun!.. we were ecstatic about capturing the Price's on a beautiful Saturday morning. Little Jason really took the word "action" seriously when it came to "light-cameras-action." By the end of the morning, when all our batteries were drained.. Xuan, Hong and I sat down.. sipped our coffees and all agreed "we're not ready for kids...."

Little Jason recapping his parents' special day




What is LOVE?

What is the meaning of LOVE? Love is the universal language shared by billions and billions of people, young and old, throughout the world. From the simplest eskimo kiss...to the complex recipes of Hallmark greeting cards...Love is expressed in so many ways.

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Warming Hearts

It's 39 degrees out and the wind is stinging the skin like nothing else, yet these two managed to stay warm and smile throughout the whole shoot. I guess love can keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions..